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Manna Luxury Vinyl

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Froese Flooring LTD. is proud to introduce Manna Luxury Vinyl plank. This exclusive line has been researched and brought directly from the manufacturer. The dream of Manna Luxury Vinyl Plank started more than 8 years ago when Murray Froese had a conversation with Twyla Froese, his wife and business partner, about the products he was installing. He discussed with her the need for better quality flooring at a good price. This started his research to find that product.

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Fast forward to 2017, and after touring many production facilities overseas Murray was able to work out a deal that brought Manna Luxury Vinyl Plank to life. In early 2020 the first shipment arrived.

Manna Luxury Vinyl Plank is a dry-backed flooring with realistic wood images and texture. It has three thicknesses 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm. We also have three different wear layers for Mann Luxury Vinyl Plank to increase its life and improve on lowering the frequency to clean the product. In addition, there are a variety of colours to choose from.

Whether it’s an improvement to your home or cottage, come check out Froese Flooring LTD. and see how Manna Luxury Vinyl Plank can make your dreams a reality.

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